Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm in Love With a Criminal Mind (and other thieving magpies)

the future Mr. B by rainwriter jones


A few days ago, I sat in a secluded section of a K-Mart parking lot eating a fish filet sammich and fries (of which I haven't had in GRIPS of time). As I munched on my sammich, I spy a bee buzzer cruising around where I was parked. Now mind you, this is the middle of the day, and there were several other exits homedude could have chosen to leave, but he had to slowly pass my truck. Why? He scoped my vehicle for some sort of criminal act. Be it lifting my wheels, or stealing it in it's entirely and selling it piece by piece.

"Not today, you m*thaf*cka," is what I mouthed as he rolled away. "You've got to find another victim this time, a**hole!" (LMBAO)

There's been much more crime than usual lately. Lots of homedudes roaming the streets, prowling houses and cars. Sometimes I wish we had a system featured in the "Superman" movie wherein a tribunal convenes, sentences the criminals, and then ships them in a translucent spacecraft hurled into space. Unfortunately, these thugs live amongst us, so I feel the need to dissect their lifestyle, and how they came to being useless vagrants.

At the university, I enjoyed taking classes which studied sociopathic behavior. Petty thievery wasn't often the topic of discussion, but I find this even more interesting because it is far more prevalent than the stories which are sensationalized in the news. Where does it all start? This feeling that what's mine is mine, and what's yours is mine?

I would think it begins in the formative years. I can't say only children who had a dysfunctional home life are involved in criminal activity as it crosses all socio-economic lines. I know of a family in which there were five boys. The mother was one hell of a bad influence (i.e., stealing and substance abuse), and four out of five of the boys turned out to be productive citizens. Go figure! But for some reason, the one child became a habitual drug abuser and petty thief. Why? I'm not sure. Maybe he's "hard-wired" for crime?

In this point in my life, I can sit back and chuckle. I think it more hilarious than aggravating. Just sit back: Analyze: Watch them slow-roll me as I eat my fish filet sammich! You might nick me tomorrow, but not today! (LMBAOOOOOO)

rainwriter jones