Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Benji Affects -- Revisited (Again)

When It Rains:  It Rains Bullets

I tell you, wonders never end!  In previous posts I've made mention of the North Point Bar and Grill and all the violence that goes with it.  I felt pretty good when there seemed to be a concerted effort to end the gun violence by closing at 10 p.m. (just before the REAL knuckleheads come out). 

With disdain, I watched as the closing time became later and later.  I knew they were tempting the fates with this idiotic effort to make a few more bucks at the expense of sleeping children and working adults alike.  A few hours again it happened.  Yet another shooting across the street.  I was stirred by the sound of yelling at 1 p.m.  What the f*ck, what are they still doing open?" was my thought.  Shades of months prior, the arguing could result in gunfire, so I fully awakened to listen for shots.

Peeking out the blinds (to the side of the glass, mind you).  With the "Open" sign dark, the parking lot still has cars.  I see a male enter, exiting his car over and over again.  Finally with the last exiting, there it was.


Here we go again.  These folks don't ever learn.  The later they close, the more likely gun violence will occur.  Homedude shot out the front door glass of the bar.  Who knows why, but does that make a difference?  He could have hit anyone in the vicinity.  I'm not so much concerned about the patrons of the bar because the know the risks associated with going into this particular establishment.  It's the innocent bystanders which get caught up in this nonsense.  Those who are not involved in the mindset of those who carry weapons for "protection" that eventually fire them because they were available when they snapped.

Come on, Puyallup Tribe!  Stick to an earlier closing time so that those would commit crimes in our community will be elsewhere.  Making your establishment a choice location for these criminals is in itself criminal!

rainwriter jones