Sunday, July 24, 2011

Blood / Sweat / Religion / Bullets

...or The Theory of Fundamentalism

The arrest of Anders Behring Breivik for his murdering 93 innocent people (most of which were children) has brought to the forefront a troubling trend towards fundamentalism. For some reason when the economy is having difficulties, fundamentalists seem to creep out of the woodwork. They attempt to blame others (more namely a certain group of their choosing) for all the present problems of the world. "He has said that he believed the actions were atrocious, but that in his head they were necessary," his attorney said on his behalf. Killing innocent children is necessary? I will be looking at this problem from the standpoint of one single man, and not the whole collective of fundamentalists.

The combination of weapons, religion, and mental illness makes for a lethal combination. Yes, I am saying that fundamentalists can be mentally ill as they tunnel-vision themselves into a single-minded thought process of categorizes one group of people into something "evil," something to be eliminated, being ethnically cleansed. Breivik's tunnel-vision is towards Muslims. He is not willing or able to ascertain only a few Muslims have fundamentalist views, too, and are willing to commit mass murder on behalf of their cause. Yes, the same way he did.

I have read that others believe like me, that religious fundamentalism is a type of mental illness. Some of the symptoms are linked to delusional schizophrenia, which the American Psychological Association's DSM-IV describes as involving a profound disruption in cognition and emotion, assigning unusual significance or meaning to normal events and holding fixed false personal beliefs. Please follow this links:

Breivik must have exhibited signs of a delusional disorder for years, but no one thought to get him help. Those around him probably thought him weird, and dismissed his views as that of a wacko. Unfortunately, 93 people died because no one stepped up and tried to seek assistance for him, or even to detain him in order to keep him from hurting others. These people NEED to be tracked as to their whereabouts at all times! I know you might say this is against their rights of human beings, but just think if YOUR child was on that island?!

21 years is not nearly enough for the massacred...

rainwriter jones

Monday, July 18, 2011

For The Love of Pete and Really, Really Poor Decisions

downtown with no place to go by rainwriter jones
As I headed out to my vehicle this morning for my workout, there was a female with a RAGGEDY Jaguar parked behind my next door neighbor's RAGGEDY Thunderbird. As I'm backing up to leave the parking lot, she comes down the ramp and starts shouting something. I don't even know what she said as she is insignificant in the entire scheme of things. I think that's why she's upset: Because of her insignificance and how I perceive her.

I try not to be judgmental, but it's so very hard with such "in your face" ignorance. To me, someone who is ignorant is a person that doesn't take responsibility for the circumstances they are in, but blame others for their predicament. This woman doesn't seem to have a job, nor a place to stay that she can call her own. Instead, she vents her frustration at her station in life on others she perceives belittles her. My NOT responding to her infuriated her. But, I shall not be intimidated, especially on my property.

She's just a small example of unresponsible people who are content in their discontent. A sad lot who early on in life gave up trying. Either from poor parenting, or by them not listening to good advice, they end up being societal parasites. They are the type of people you make sure your children see that if they don't do what they need to do (i.e., stay in school, get a degree, stay away from disreputable people, etc.), they will end up like them.

As my husband oftens says, it's not one or two bad choices which result in these type of folks sleeping for crumbs in some nitwit's bed, but a series of them. The fact that they don't and/or won't learn from their mistakes makes it it that much worse.

God love them, bless them: And keep them out of my hair! (LMBAOOOO)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Tender Mercies of Forgotten Naughties

"indulge" by rainwriter jones

Love’s In Bloom…
(from a clinical standpoint)

A herpes zoster:
Sam remained buried and long forgotten.
A chain-smoking virus.
A booze-guzzling shingle.
A herpetic lesion that drunk dials
at 2:45 a.m. after the pub closed.

An oozing blister
to which Rhonda applies salve…


I think we've all misplaced things. In a hurry, set down car keys someplace you normally don't put them, and then have one hell of a time locating them (especially when you HAVE to be I have this tendency to set something down with the intention of coming back for it later, just to forget where I had placed it. But there are some things that never should be forgotten, laid places, left behind. Some items which, when discovered, will cast a discerning eye upon the person who left it. Damn!

Years ago when my husband and I were just married, we assisted in moving a family member's belongings to her new apartment. Have you ever had an impression of someone who seems conservative? Well, she was one of these type of folks who obviously had an alternative lifestyle because what we found amongst the boxes shocked us! Yep, pornography! Real tasty bits of flesh mixed with some devilishly delicious body parts. Also included in this array of naughtiness was a few toys, lotions, and edible underwear. Well, being the youngsters we were, we figured taking one or two items wouldn't be missed, so we took a book called "Ass Masters." (LMBAO)

Fumming through the book was quite interesting. Men and women in all sorts of compromising positions and all, laughing at their glasses all catty-whompess on their heads as they (and we) lost ourselves in their provocative scenes. The funny part of it all was the fact that our dearly beloved had all this freaky shit in her possession! Lawd have mercy!

We placed the book in the glove box of our car: And forgot about it. Now this is where forgetting something can get you into a world of hurt. We sold the car with the book in the glove box to none other than...*drum roll puh-lease* MY FATHER!!! Try explaining the unexplanable to your parent. It wasn't originally ours, but no one was going to believe us.

Hmmmmm, I wonder where that book eventually ended up? Do YOU have it? (LMBAOOOO)

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Friday, July 15, 2011

My Special Talent

I have this special talent. I may not be able to play an instrument, perform mathematical calculations, or tie cherry stems with my tongue. My talents are much, much more special.

I've watched and analyzed one person in particular whose movements (or lack thereof) fascinates me. I saw how this person spent their time f*ckin' off with know-nothing females and so-called "family," extravagant spending, and continual drinking. Now that he's close to retirement age and has nothing. Not a pot to piss in, nor a window to throw it out of. I've watched him be king of nothing in particular, prideful, and selfish. Now that he's in dire need, there's no one to help. Show me your friends, and I'll tell you who you are.

I've had a few interesting interactions as of late, one just recently in an online conversation regarding abortion. Though not too terribly disrepectful, his manner was abrupt and off-putting. As our discussion continued, he became increasingly terse; wanting to talk over me. At this point, I couldn't be bothered spending any more keystrokes on him. With my "special talent," I ascertained he was highly opinionated and quite difficult to get along with not only web-wise, but in "real" life.

For years, I've dealt with a person who gave the impression of being more than they were. Though very intelligent (and she went out of the way to let you know this fact), she draped herself in pride, hid behind her husband's earnings, and marveled at her social standing in church and the community. After it's all said and done, she needs help with things she didn't need assistance with in the past. An explanation as to her declining abilities would be appropriate if she wanted to enlist others aid. Her hard head won't let her PROPERLY ask for help.

Not saying that I'm Sally Jesse Rafael (though I've been referred as one in the past), I'm very observant. And though I may not say anything, I'm watching...

YOU!!! (but probably not as hard as you're watching me). (LMBAOOOO)

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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Smoochin' Allowed!!! (when PDA's go wrong)

"push for flasher"

25th Block From The Water

The clank of bicycle chains break the silence on a tree-lined, two-laned boulevard. Past waving neighbors, friends ride 2-by-2 with creeping shorts, ashy legs, and worn

sneakers, on their way to the lake choked with milfoil, waders, and garbage. The day is perfect as breezes blow on sweaty skin and flattens afros. Vicious dogs and

trolling predators alike take respite from this route: if only for today. They pedal with flat soles that chocolate doesn’t cover, over potholes, and race each other to murky waters: eyes closed, no hands, no helmets.

rainwriter jones


READ THIS!! (You have to copy and paste, but I'm sure you can manage.) *chucklin'*

This article made me applaud! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who thinks public smooching, touching, or generalized fondling in public is a no-no! Not necessary, I say! Take it to a motel, I plead! (LOL)

Many of you don't know my revulsion towards PDAs. It started when I was a little girl. I would attend Camp Fire Girl meetings at a neighbor's house, and her daughter and the daughter's live-in boyfriend would scurry upstairs for a little "in-out, in-out" while the mother was away. Another couple of incidents (well, numerous) involved a teacher's roving hands and/or inappropriate comments, and experiencing several would-be abductions on my way to school. Though these latter two instances aren't PDAs, I'm sure it helped me develop my repulsion thereof.

Okay, back to today's regularly scheduled programming of mirth and mayhem! (LMBAO)

Will Hug Ya When I See Ya...

rainwriter jones

photo "push for flasher" taken by me (rainwriter jones to you!) :-D