Friday, January 3, 2014

The Forming of "Wild Animal Things"

Today my husband showed me a photo his long-haul trucker brother texted him of a young brutha on a HUGE billboard outside of Kansas City, KS.  Why was he there?  Not because he was a celebrity, but he is Kansas' most wanted criminal!  Young man, only 23 years old, wanted for two murders (amongst other crimes).  How did he end up being a "wild animal thing?"

What I've been so noting with the youth of this generation is that they live for drama.  There doesn't seem to be a need for peace and enlightenment like in the 60s; they stir the pot until it's overflowing (attention-seeking behavior)?  The violence associated with this drama is appalling, but the apathy is even worse.  They don't care.  But, why should they?  The current mindset of the establishment doesn't allow for second chances.  Yes, many folks get "caught up," but those who have the money are allowed to have their hands slapped, then continue on with their lives (even get their own t.v. shows or a memoir about their experience).  Meanwhile, those who don't have the means to buy their way out of legal or financial troubles are left living under bridges!  Lets face it, why should these young folk care?  In a country wherein the citizens would pay $3,600 for a Superbowl ticket, but are unwilling to pass a levy to improve their schools shows that there is a disconnect.  What's more important?  Watching a football being tossed back and forth, or assuring that our young folk are getting educated so that they may take care of US in the future?

College?  What is that?  Definition:  An educational goal unachievable by the masses.  It's almost as if the lower/middle classes are being targeted to fail.  When I was up and coming, just about everyone had the opportunity to continue their education past high school.  Now a young person has to beg, borrow, and/or steal to get the chance to further their education.  I grew up back in the day when education was a right, NOT a privilege. 

Jobs?  Another right that has been denied by the powers that be.  The greed of a few leave us without roofs over our heads and sleeping in cars.  When there are not only homeless men forging through garbage cans, but entire families left to suffer at the hands of indifference, there's a definite problem that needs to be addressed.

The internet can be a blessing and a curse.  Petty crimes are now being used to keep adults from acquiring employment.  Along with this, employers often times do not hire full-time workers, making parents work 2-3 jobs each to make ends meet.  Thus, children are left to raise themselves.  With no adult to guide these kids, they are left to form their own image of what a man or woman is.

So, this is just a start of how youngsters become wild animal things.  Attention-seeking behaviors result in dire consequences.  What are we to do?  Without basic needs such as food, shelter, education, employment, and love, society will continue to disintegrate.  It's a shame because I can see the future as a nightmare.  Until we start addressing the fact the opportunities we were afforded before the 90s are not being offered to our young ones, we will continue to see the decline in our society which is wrought by the uncaring, greedy corporations and political systems. 

rainwriter jones