Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beyond The Sheets: "Friends With Benefits?"

Do you believe that men and women can engage in sexual activity, but still remain friends?

I know of several men with many female acquaintances who treat their bedroom doors as revolving ones. They say they admire the female form, and enjoy encounters with anyone they can persuade to lie beneath their covers. They're called friends or company. To have sex with and nothing more. These women leave in the morning, supposedly with no strings attached. One man in particular says he wants a long-term relationship: someone to come home to that he can love. If having sex is strictly biological, why would he say this? Problem being is he also says the females he beds aren't "good enough." Are there different categories of women: those to bed versus those to marry? A woman to only use for sex, but not for anything else? He says he's looking, but yet in still...here comes another woman to his bed. But even with this, there's a distinct yearning for more than just the physical.

The same can be said for women. We say we don't want anything more than sex, but is that true? With us languishing in the orgasmic afterglow, I beg to differ. We would leave immediately if that was all we wanted. To snuggle, cuddle, and wake up with this person can be more enjoyable than the sex. Thoughts can linger in the back of our heads as to whether something else can come out of the bedroom...to bring this "relationship" to another level.

Is there an underlying need to connect: to feel affection with the person we sex? Emotions ALWAYS seem to creep in, whether we're willing to admit it or not.

rainwriter jones

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Matter Of Race...

I woke up this morning to a feeling that I've had all along in regards to the health care battle here as of late. While I was pouring myself out of bed, President Carter said everything I had thought, but didn't want to admit in that racism is driving the resistence to President Obama's health care initiutives. The public outcry against government spending by certain groups is just a cover up for a much deeper, insinuous feeling that a Black President should not lead our country. There will be this "arms folded" style resistence with any plan presented before these right-wingers; refusing to discuss and/or negotiate like a democratic society should, but instigate an uncooperative spirit amongst their constituents. Can I go as far as say ilicit hate amongst the masses?

It left a pit in my stomach knowing that someone else had the same impression but they, like me, didn't want to broach the topic...fearing it would stir up what was perceived as a long-buried race issue. Seeing as though this was spoken from the mouth of an Ex-White House employee creeped me out! With him being in the know, he's quite aware politicians sheninagins, and how the Republicans have played upon the fears of a group of citizens which do not want President Obama to succeed. They will throw any obstacle in front of him and his administration to assure that he fails.

My problem with these so-called protestors is that all hell has been breaking loose since the last 8-year term with Bush as our President. Where were they then? Weren't the same problems present during the Bush administration? And why is there all this ruckus now? Why can't they trust that we are heading in the right direction? And if they feel we are not steering a clear course, why can't they negotiate, sit down at the table, instead of disrespecting the highest office in the free world? You know why: it just hasn't been spoken until now.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. It goes beyond the fact that President Obama is Black, but into the deep-rooted fear of change to the status quo. From those who were empowered by the mere color of their skin, and not by any gains they had made through perserverance and hard work. It frightens me every time I see a "rally" wherein the angry disenfranchised are wielding hateful signs, all behind the rabble-rousing of the many Joe Wilsons who spread mis-information to these simple-minded protestors.

I was a child of the 60s, and caught the tail end of the civil rights movement. I saw the riots, and hate, the destruction. But...I also saw the gains, and have directly benefited from the sacrifices my forefathers/mothers made. So I could be "here." "Here" is anywhere I want to be: without restriction because of my brown armor. With the social environment in the state that it's in, I think there's going to be more b*llsh*t before things get better.


rainwriter jones

Friday, September 11, 2009

This May Sound Crazy...

But do big a** truck drivers disappear? Or only petite, fair-skinned damsels? I've noticed the media covers the disappearances of those we associate with being frail in some manner. Someone perceived as helpless graces the t.v. or internet; a picture of them on our monitors in happier times. Smiling, no less. Does anyone else go missing? I can understand children but as with missing females, hardly ever a child of color is given a write-up or air time.

And hardly ever a Black man. I can't EVER remember a Black man being featured as one of the lost. You know some of them have got to have disappeared over the years. What's up with that?

There definitely are some inequities by which who is considered worthy of news coverage: that only certain individuals fit the profile of being vulnerable. Hell, aren't we all vulnerable given the right circumstance?

rainwriter jones

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

United We Stand? Not So Hidden Racism in the U.S.

As you probably know by now, I'm not a politically-inclined person. Not saying that I don't keep up with what is happening here in the U.S. and around the world, but I don't follow every bill or legislative act on a daily basis. But, I've been watching a troubling trend here lately. Masked racism. Yes, these words from someone who is quick to befriend anyone no matter what their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. As long as someone treats me well and with respect, we're good to go.

What's troubling me? The fact that there is an underlying element that is attempting to not only undermine the policies set forth by our President, but his presidency as a whole. Not seeking to offer useful alternatives to them, but arguing and hell raising. But what do I see with my observant eye? It's not about the politics whatsoever. It's about the man!

I see it, don't you? The latest "protest" is the pulling of their children from school because they don't want them to hear President Obama's speech. Totally disrespectful to the Office. Now tell me the truth. Even when ex-President Bush was at the depths of his presidency, would they have pulled their children from the classroom when HE was making a speech? Absolutely not! Because President Obama is Black, he is not afforded the respect of his Office. This has not happened to any other Democratic president since before I was alive. Even in the 60s and with President Kennedy's policies. Although some did not agree, their children watched his speeches out of respect for his Presidency. The divisive attitude of these groups is despicable.

I may not agree to all the policies of ANY President, Obama included, but there needs to be a respect given to anyone who assumes the Office. And at the end of Obama's presidency when nothing gets done after all the rabble-rousing they'll stand proudly and say, "We told you it wouldn't work!" Of course it didn't, because YOU did all you could do to stop it through your disruptive practices!

rainwriter jones

Sunday, September 6, 2009

A Woman Talks About Male Friendship

I've got a question for everyone that has been pressing on my mind for a bit. Can men and women be friends? I mean true friends without any preconceived notion of a sexual relationship?

I don't know if you've been following my Twitter updates about home dude who lives next door who chases women. ALL WOMEN! I've sufficiently put him off because I figure he's a man whore who chases p*ssy as much as he chases money. Now he asks my husband will I ever speak to him again. The answer is "no" because of his inability to treat women as mere sex objects.

It seems a person of this character hasn't a clue as to what it is to have a friendly relationship with someone of the opposite sex. But does everyone have this problem? Though most of us do not overtly give the "vibe" of pursuing a person of the opposite sex (or same sex), do we still give off signals? In the way we dress? Speak? Demeanor? Just the fact that you're an outgoing type of individual, chatty and such, can give folks the impression that you want to bone them! (LMBAO)

I don't know...what do you think?

rainwriter jones

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Pied Piper of 29th Street

He swaggers across several lanes of traffic

where neon pours free-handed

And beckons those who suit his fancy

to finish the evening

sprawled on his living room floor.


Do you know someone that can entice people to do things they may not do, but with a little prodding, they'd jump off a building?

I've watched the antics from across the parking lot: the view from this angle is an interesting one. I see people coming and going at all hours of the day and night in various states of inebriation. From the disenfranchised crack whore, to the pseudo businesswoman. The term "Sis" is the catch-all phrase for these females. The semi-employed male will show up on rare occasion, too. All get drawn into his world of fun and merriment. I can only imagine what goes on behind THAT green door!

Yesterday he had a visitor that came during daylight hours, and left just before my daughter was to catch the school bus! You wonder if these folks really have a life? Or is home dude is so lonely, he'll do anything to keep company. Or is it manipulation? Him leading people to where he wants them by means of money and/or alcohol?

In any case, to watch the various/similar scenarios are funny as hell! We're at the point where we're taking bets on how long his "company" will be staying, if they'll leave with some of his cash, if they'll steal some of his cash, and when they'll be back for more. It's hard to tell who is being manipulated.

And he doesn't know Mrs. Kravitz is watching. (LMBAO)

rainwriter jones