Monday, June 25, 2012

Return of the Bongo Boys (at the North Shore Bar and Grill)

I saw them dance in the freshly paved parking lot.  Shirts pulled off, blows struck, cussing, and yes, even a smoke break between swings.  And then a resumption of the battle between two Bongo Boys while their homies and bystanders looked on.  They exchange blows amongst fancy cars, oblivious to the spectacle of which they were creating.  Or were they?  My thoughts are that they didn't care.  A MAJOR problem!

There's been several incidents at this location in which there has been disturbances which range from noise nuisances, gunfire, and murder.  Yesterday was a true testament that you can't put perfume on a turd!  This latest incident happened in broad daylight in the middle of a busy parking lot FULL of cash-paying patrons.  What was so interesting is that these individuals felt perfectly at ease in that parking lot:  As if claiming it as their territory.  I watched from my parking lot as they eased into both the smoke shop and the bar when the police arrived as if nothing was wrong. 

And still another incident which went unreported:  A verbal altercation between three females and a male at 1 a.m.  As the male crossed the street, words were exchanged with the three females.  God only knows what this sh*t was about.  When they wake up from their drunken stupors this morning, they probably won't even realize that they had a fight.  Just to return tonight to start the same dysfunction business all over again.   

From my little view on their world, I shake my head.  I can only wonder what type of childhood these folks had wherein they think it perfectly fine to hang out in parking lots; cause disturbances; be lawless.  These are National Geographic moments.  It's hard to think of these unruly paying or non-paying patrons as humans any more.  Specimens for observation through my blind slats. 

No, you cannot put perfume on a turd.  All the beautification projects around the property mean nothing when these individuals are allowed to cause problems for the tax-paying citizens in our neighborhood.  As a landlord, I know that to create a rodent-free house for a future tenant, you need to leave it vacant for at least two months.  To remove these pests, this establishment should be closed so that these imbeciles can find other places to create their special brand of mayhem.

But, these words may be falling on deaf ears.  So, I'll continue to blog, and peek through my blind slats.

rainwriter jones