Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sitting Here Watching Slugs Slime

The days around here have been cool, if not cold.  Looking forward to some consistently warm temperatures.  They must be on their way with the emergence of this little fellow.  Took a picture of him easing his way down a bathroom mirror outside of my front door.  The mirror makes the yard look bigger.

Even this gastropod finds motivation; even if it's just to find a tasty morsel in our garden on which to munch.  Yes, I know it's only instinct, but why can't we human be instinctual in regards to finding something productive to do?  Create something?  Inspire someone?  By taking time to blog this, you should know by know that motivation is sorely lacking for me, and I think I shall return to bed for a few hours:  see what inspires me to even rise from the sheets. 

Or grab the salt shaker to watch him shrink...

Ain't instinct beautiful?

rainwriter jones