Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Near Orgasm: Fumbling With Zippers and Other Such Naughties

As of late, my husband and I have enjoyed sitting outside watching traffic pass.  The bar and grill across the street have made extreme changes to their property and business which affords us the benefit of relaxing out front without the threat of being shot.  Yesterday as we sipped a little and chatted more, we noticed a couple across the street in the side parking lot.  They were hugged up on each other REAL CLOSE LIKE, but I figured they were just snuggling.  I've seen these two before in the same parking lot doing the same thing.  This time was different.  As we watched, the man slipped his hands into her pants!  Yes, in broad daylight, this fellow was masturbating this chick!  I'm like, DAMN!  These two are freaks!

Okay, I'll admit we did stay seated.  (lol)  There was another man standing in front of the smoke shop for the longest time.  I later figured out he was watching the show, too.  After several minutes of pressing, poking, and stroking, this couple decided to finish up in her green truck.  I see heads go up; I see heads go down.  In the meantime, a young woman came out from the bar  to take a look by creeping over and peeking into the cab.  She eased back into the building, just to re-appear with the entire bar!  The audience for this lurid couple was complete.  When they noticed that they'd been spotted, homedude jumped from her truck, climbed into his car, and they left the parking lot going separate directions.  At this point, we're laughing our asses off at this spectacle.  "Bravo!!" we yelled.  (LMBAOOO)  Lawd have mercy!  Reminded me of the good ole' days.  ;-)

Then I thought about my younger self, and the risk taking behaviors of which I had engaged regarding sex.  Needless to say, obvious these two were exhibitionists, and were lucky that no one called law enforcement on them.  Many of us have been involved in sexual activity in public in one way, shape, or form.  Heavy petting in theaters, necking in the car, downstairs at Mom's (tee-hee-hee), but I have never publicly had sex for the entire community to watch.  Wow!  *eyes bulging*

It might behoove these young lovers to get a room, or at least find a darkened alley somewhere.  I certainly did!  (LMBAOOOOO)

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