Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Bongo Boys: Gun Violence at the North Point Bar and Grill

Gun fire. Again. Last night I witnessed what had to have been the most ignorant display in quite some time at the North Shore Bar and Grill. Just prior to closing, some idiot shot 8-9 rounds in the parking lot. I watched folks scramble to their cars (almost hitting pedestrians trying to flee). Others ran for cover inside the darkened building. I stood and watched as I saw cars return AFTER the shooting. Why would they return? One car in particular parked on the curb outside the establishment. I figured he would pick up an associate who he left behind when he fled. But no! After a full 10 minutes of sitting there, he revs his motor and bolts into the parking lot. I think the onlookers recognized him as the shooter, and ran back into the bar. He continued to jam on the accelerator, smash on the brake: Trying to intimidate those he held captive. By this time, I was on the phone calling 911. Don't you know by the time three police agencies responded, this dummy was STILL in the area? I could hear the cops tell him to drop his gun. Yes, a busy night! I could see the police searching the lot for shell casings by flashlight. What a waste of resources. Is this the new "culture?" You have dangerous people who carry weapons (for protection, they claim), and those who live dangerously that hang around for the fashion of it all. I've looked across the street at the patrons of this establishment. Young girls in tight dresses drunker than hell, young mothers who've left their children unattended so that they can party (drunker than hell), young men with loud stereos and mouths boasting this, that, and the other (drunker than hell). This type of behavior is quite troubling to me. I sleep within feet of this parking lot. There may come a day I won't be here to post anything because I would have died while lying in bed from being shot. To die in this manner is not my plan, but who knows what the fates hold for me. I cannot understand how this neighborhood nuisance is allowed to continue business. How many "incidents" does it take to finally shut this place down? How many have to die? Is there a quota? Will me or mine have to be killed before the powers that be FINALLY close this place? Needless to say, I'll start my cammpaign to clean up my neighborhood tomorrow. Enough is enough! I think the worst part of this mess is that the people that frequent this dive don't even live in the area. They come into OUR neighborhood to disrupt: Even kill. And this morning, I watch the bees return back to the hive. Some to the smoke shop, others to collect the belongings left behind in their exodus. They'll be back after the hose stops spraying the water: Drinking, fighting, shooting... rainwriter jones