Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Give Me That Old Time Religion: A Guide to the Self-Righteous

Are there people who are truly dedicated to their religion?  I'm not speaking of any religion in particular, but all sects.  Where is character formed:  inside or outside the church?  I remember attending services as a youngster.  No sooner had the preaching ceased were sisters such-and-so gossiping about another church member inside the vestibule. 

I had a strange situation with a person of faith who had been picking up someone I know to take them to church every Sunday.  I had doubts about this young man from the start as he had the "look" of someone untrustworthy, though he expounded the word with great conviction.  He had previous run-ins with law enforcement, and claimed he was a changed man.  He started out well enough, but eventually picked my guy up later and later (or not at all).  Well, this Sunday he called to tell me he wouldn't be taking him any more; that he was working with another group of folks, etc., and that he would tell my guy when he picked him up later in the afternoon.   I said okay, but knowing that this was yet another fabrication.  Lo and behold, brother never showed up:  even after two phones calls asking if he was coming.  He hasn't called back yet, and it's Tuesday morning. 

This brings up our troubled Tiger Woods.  He says that he hasn't followed his Buddhist upbringing, and that's why he strayed.  Jimmy Swaggart strayed.  Tammy Faye Baker strayed (so did her husband...big time).  There are innumerous members of the religious community who have strayed:  turned to the dark side, no less.  There is a common theme with all these folks in that they were held to a higher standard than most of us.  To behave in a manner that many of us can't (or won't).  I have to wonder whether they are standards that any one of us can uphold.  It's almost as if these folks were set to fail, maybe by their own doing.  Their self-righteousness being used to shield their untowardly ways from public view. 

Can people really change their ungodly behaviors when they've strayed from their beliefs?  Did they ever change in the first place? 

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  1. God is the only one that does not change. The Bible says that Man's righteousness is like filthy rags before the Father this is why Christians are told they need Jesus. It is by his Blood that we are cleansed, by his word that we are forgiven and through him that we are saved. There are plenty of folks who have changed from being bad guys to good guys and stayed that way although they may stray from time to time.

    How many times have you strayed from the Gym only to return. It's in the return.
    The Noble Quran says Naked we came into the world and surely unto Allah we are returning.

  2. Why you bustin' me out about the gym? (LOL)

    Yes, folks stray in all arenas in their lives. Tiger isn't any different than the rest of us, and has human faults. His drama, however, is set before the entire world to witness.

    I guess it's a wonder that we ever find our faith to begin with!

  3. We find faith only after we willingly allow ourselves to step out on the unknown. You know take that chance that it may not work, we might be wrong. Check Hebrews 11:1 Substance of things "hoped" for "Evidence" not seen. Yada Yada!

    Tiger strayed from the Eight fold Path. Right Action, Right Thought Yada Yada! So he returns!

  4. You know, I'm glad he's returning to golf. He needs to start over, but this time...without folks putting him on a pedestal. Be a real man, and learn from his mistakes.

    We all make 'em, but not everyone is forced to have their aired to the entire 6 billion folks on the planet! (lol)


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