Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Arnold: The Unwed Father

I have decided to re-open my blog page after several months of not posting.  This spot will be used whenever I have something a bit controversial and/or long-winded in style.  Not wanting to off-put anyone, feel free to visit my opinions at "anywhere in the rain."  

Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Yep, I'm sure you've all heard of him, and the scandal involving him and his procreative activities.  I'm sure his family/wife/friends were aware of him having several women on the side.  To me that's not important.  As long as a couple is aware that either party is "out there," who's business is it other than between the two of them?  My issue comes into play when high-profile individuals deem themselves without fault, often placing others onto their moral compasses, and THEN get exposed for their dealings. 

The love of the female/male form is admirable, and I'm not chastising anyone for getting a taste here and there, but I don't think of sex as love:  It's an act.  But again, that's my opinion.  Things were probably cool between Arnold and Maria until the word got out regarding his secret child.  Since she would look disgraced in the eyes of her contemporaries, all of a sudden, it wasn't cool that Arnold was "out there."  Who's the hypocrite?  Damn, cut him some slack, Maria.  Don't play dumb now!   She probably stopped having sex with him years prior.  And who knows?  She might have knew about the child(ren) in question. 

Have your fun, but don't make children or bring home diseases. 

But...this is only my opinion.  Please feel free to leave yours, but don't be cruel in how you relay them.

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