Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Urban M.I.A.s (where are the bongo boys)...

As of late, it's been awfully quiet.  No migraine-inducing ultra-bass-playing mofos to be found ANYWHERE!  I wonder where they all went? 

I think that funds have ran low; baby's mamas have finally decided not to finance the foolery; their own moms have put them out of the basement; they're incarcerated; aliens took them?  (LOL)  It's been bliss to not be awakened whenever one of these idiots think it's time for the slumbering neighborhood to be startled awake to a barrage of n____ this or n_____ that.

My husband and I had a chuckle at some young lad that thought he was jammin'.  We pulled up to the stoplight next to this dude, and then what he construed as music started.  Huh???  No bass???  Well, I glanced over to my left to see he had a laptop riding shotgun in the passenger seat.  The fool was playing rap music from a laptop!  N_____ this and n_____ that all muted and sh*t!  He's just bobbin' his head in time like:  "I'm bad...I'm bad!!!"  (LMBAOOO)  At least he spared us all from that hideous noise which he calls music.

I haven't even heard The Bongo Boys roll past my building.  Summer usually brings out the worst in these young wannabe gangstas, but...nothing.  Hmmmm...where did they all go?  Not missing them:  Just asking.

rainwriter jones