Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dangerous Height-Challenged Son-O-Guns!

I have to tell you, this has indeed been troubling me for quite a time.  Those who are excessively limited in height can be excessively aggressive?  (note:  I said "can be").  I think this is a timely topic as I've had a recent conversation with a friend from another site who spoke upon the topic, and her experience with an aggressive checker who scares the hell out of her!  God bless her!  (LOL)

I remember attending a concert in Seattle with my sister in 2006.  We were all standing 'round singing 80s tunes, some folks somewhat inebriated, but all waiting for the performance to begin.  A clipper ship of a woman came cruising through the crowd, pushing intoxicants aside in a wave of drunkeness.  Folks were just about to start cursing her out, this lil' 4ft. x 4ft. mass wearing a fez, but the look gave us let us know that if you DARED say a single word to her, she'd let you have it.  Her ship cruised to the front of the crowd beneath the stage:  just where she wanted to be. 

I remember way back when having a boyfriend who was short.  He was a real son-o-bitch, with his conniving self.  Played me and many other women at the same time!  I think his lack of height and male appendage made him what he was, and he had to prove himself by being the Stud of Seattle.  The last time I saw him was at a barbeque with his ugly wife-y.  She looked like a pig.  (LMAO)

Please watch this film as a testament to the potential woes of short folks, and possibly why they act a fool!:

You heard him??  "Women don't give short men no play!"  (LMBAOOO)
As for myself?  I stand 5'2":  5'0" without glasses.  I, too, have a tendency to "act" taller than my actual height, pushing and shoving my way through life, sometimes with reckless abandon.  Maybe I should score a fez like the one above.  Then you know I've got to be crazy, and I will get my way without knocking you over!  (LMBAO)

Your thoughts?

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    This made me sing, "short people reason to live"!! CHILE...I don't know. I'm 5'5. Is that short? I think that's pretty average for a woman. I HAVE found that a lot of short dudes tend to carry large the form of egos. i.e. Katt Williams. That dude is quite aggressive. You see the latest on him? I guess we're short people living in a tall man's world. I ain't mad...just don't damn lean on my head...we might have a misunderstanding. *ctfu*

    As for dude in video, to address his concerns...a lot of women equate height with strength. "looking up to someone"...a woman craves to feel protected and the assumption is that a little dude will get pushed around. lol. Me, personally...I'm not tripping. If he's short, he's probably aggressive...which means he's probably just WAITING to test out his kung fu krazy on some tall dude.

  2. (LMBAOOOO) Girl, I ain't been into no short dudes since my last boyfriend. To tell you the truth...he wasn't pleasant to look at, either. (LMBAO)

    I think we folks who stand under 5'5" have something to prove. Yep, I stand 5'2", and I can be quite a handful (I must admit). But for a dude, with him short and all, folks do pick on him. You do, I do, the world does. But we can help it 'cause they're "pick-able."

    And yes, their penises are small. (LMBAOOOOO)

    rainwriter jones


    Look, now...I've seen...well, heard of some short dudes having a penile cord taller than them. I heard some midgets be packing. LOL

    I don't pick on em...nah uh...I'm a big girl, so I try not to fun on folks. I'm an easy eeeeeeasy target. LMAO

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