Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Airline Industry (i.e., let's git nekkid!)

Do you think the world's gone crazy?  I mean, with all the mess going on with the airlines, and folks threatening our very lives with their radical views? 

Here lately, there's been a grip of threats and near distasters involving air travel.  I don't know if it's from a lack of sufficient airport staff, their lack of training, or just a lack-lusterness that I've been feeling for the past several years wherein nothing or no one matters.  All I know is that there needs to be an improvement in securing all places in which large amounts of people gather:  malls, theaters, amusement parks, and yes, airports.

And with that said, I've got a proposal which may be somewhat controversial.  I think everyone needs to be strip searched with body cavities probed to the fullest extent!  Yep, I said it!  Grandma Jenkins bent over a counter, with a gloved worker's hand up her coochie!  As indelicate as that sounds, it will keep all but the hard heads from flying.  Look at it this way, the airports won't be crowded with all those damned families trying to get to grandma's house as their dignity won't allow them to get nekkid in front of a crowd of people.  A true relief to the weary traveler that don''t want their flight-time sleep impaired by screaming kids.

I, for one, will be the weirdo who would be the first to volunteer!  (LMBAO)

rainwriter jones


  1. I don't know WHAT the hell is goin' on. Folks is loosin' the Lil bit of their minds that they had left...if they ever had one to begin with.

  2. Strip naked cavity serach to fly? No thanks, I will drive...and I suspect a LOT of the crazies would also. Oaklahoma will tell you how easy it is for very simple things to be turned for evil use. Airlines = headlines for these radicals but ANY massive event will be headlines. How far do we take "security"? What is EFFECTIVE and what is simply meant to sooth the masses? I don't have an answer, but like you, I think things have to change.

  3. Wizzy: Folks are going plain crazy out of their minds! I can't believe all the mess with these people who choose to take their religious beliefs out on us pions! Or just the crazies. Lord have mercy! Let's just get nekkid so we have NOTHING to hide! (LMBAO)

    Lin: It's simply ridiculous! I just can't think of any other way other than stripping down to our bare essentials in order to keep ourselves safe. Or at least have better security systems in place. I just think it's small talk about increasing security measures: they'll still be at least one person to slip by. :-(

  4. Ok, you need to find the nearest corna and remain there until further notice. LOL You wanting to be the test dummy for cavity searches...lmao *smh*

    Oh, don't forget Wal-Marts...terrorist could take out half of America on Black Friday in that place.

  5. Da_Kween: (LMBAO) Girl, I'm just saying that I'm not scared of being seen naked: it will be others that suffer from the indignity!

    I avoid Wal-mart with a passion. It's a dangerous place WITHOUT terrorists!


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