Friday, June 11, 2010

Child Abuse and the Solo Risk Taker

Okay, I don't come "here" often, but every now and again something just chaps my hide so much that I've got to blog about it.

What's been troubling me, you might ask?  The fact that there are actually parents who let their children fly airplanes, sail 'cross the world, or other risky ventures on their own!  Yes, they may say that they are indeed supervised in the respect that they're in radio contact with an adult at all times, but look at the latest situation involving Abby Sunderland.  Who's idea was it to let this 16 year-old attempt such a feat?  Even if it was hers, the parents should have patted her on her head like lil' Sue Who and send her upstairs to bed with a glass of milk!  And to think that her brother Zac did a solo trip on the Indian Ocean, too?  And another 16 year-old named Jessica Watson sailed around the world.  Are these parents crazy? 

No.  Just sensationalists!  Trying to gain fame for themselves through the efforts of their children.  I do believe this behavior is closely akin to the mental health diagnosis Munchausen by proxy whereby the adult caretaker exaggerates their child's illness (or even sickens them) in order to gain attention for themselves.  (See link below).  But instead of the illness aspect, they have substituted risk-taking for their children.  While they are out sailing or flying, the parents are basking in the media.  Even the Heene's put their children at risk for fame and fortune with the "Balloon Boy" fiasco.

So what are we to do with these parents who endanger the lives of their children?  I know for me, I don't watch anything that is reported in the media in regards to their antics.  Giving them attention is what they want (along with the money, of course).  Neither of which this writer is giving.

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