Sunday, June 19, 2011

They Hold Up The Walls Whilst Their Pants Fall...

...and I see them holding up the wall at the smoke shop across the street.  I watch them (pants hanging/shit-talking) gathering on the premises, slinging "illegals" to anyone who may be interested in their wares.  Now they've set up a hair cutting area in the parking lot.  Beneath the canvas, who knows what transpires there.

Most of the time I'm angry with them:  Being the absolute scourge of all I despise in life.  Unmotivated to do the things I feel they should to become real men.  Lazy, siftless individuals who would no sooner steal from you than to secure legitimate employment.  They run in packs, these wall-holder-upers do.  They give me sly smiles as they know I think of them as an abomination to mankind.  And being that I absolutely DESPISE lazy men, it couldn't get much worse than to view their ineptness.

Yet in still, I pity them.  I have a pretty good idea how they ended up holding the walls with their backs.  No fathers nor viable male figures.  I'm speaking in terms of males who made the choice (whether consciously or subconsciously) to abandon the lives of their sons.  I know someone who through his actions left his son high and dry.  His son found other males to fill the hole that he should have occupied.  Unfortunately, often times the "hole-fillers" are those that have been left behind by THEIR fathers, gang members, or other disenfranchised-type individuals.  This young man (to whom I referenced in a previous blog) has since found a questionable lot to call his family.  With no upstanding male to guide him, his only option was to run with what I would call a gang.

To me, the male bonding experience is an important one.  I've found that those who group together and have had positive influences in their lives do much better than those who do not.  There is little tomfoolery in those circles, no criminal activity.  Just guys enjoying each others' company.  On the other hand, there can be negative consequences to those males who gather not so much for companionship and comraderie.  The ones who didn't have the benefit of positive male sculpting early in life can engage in unlawful activity when in these groups.  Yes, all under a hair cutting tent in a smoke shop parking lot!  My rage in male parental abandonment will be aired in another blog.

Note to the absentee male figure:  Take a look over your shoulder and see who you're leaving behind...

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