Monday, November 14, 2011

If Children Were Pets, They Might Be Treated Better...

forgotten by rainwriter jones


I can't tell you how tired I am seeing big-eyed dogs and cats glossing my t.v. screen at 5 a.m. They peer at me from metal cages, or huddled in corners, with Sarah MacLaughlin singing sad animal songs in the background: All the while, pleading for money to aid these "helpless creatures." Don't get me wrong. I'm a full-fledged animal rights advocate. Well, who really can be an animal rights advocate if you eat animal protein (yes, hamburger meat came from one of those big-eyed animals).

What about children right here in the United States who suffer EVERY SINGLE DAY? We'll treat animals better than our own species! Special doggy beds, cat furniture, pet purses, etc. In grocery stores, there's even special pet food in the refrigerator section. Shit looks so good, you could make a meatloaf from it, and your guests would none the wiser.

I had these thoughts for a long while, but a few days ago I saw a disturbing news story which documented the lives of homeless children in Seattle's "Nickelsville." Nickelsvilles is a homeless encampment in Seattle named during ex-Mayor Greg Nickels governing of Seattle. After several years, it has been relocated to different locations, but has never removed. The kids in this community were noted to be "living under plastic" by a King 5 news reporter because of the tents they are forced to live in due to homelessness.

You can see the video here:

Don't you think this warrants a second look? So many humans are disconnected to the wants and needs of our own kind, bypassing a child who's living in a car or tent, and buying bullshit trinkets for their animals. They could at least provide warm coats, hot meals, medicine, to the neediest of citizens. And before you start to say I don't have a heart, I say this. Please do donate to animal shelters, charities, and anti-abuse programs, but don't forget the children who really need you. If I see one more dog wearing a coat a child should have, I'm gonna scream!

I believe in species-specific charity: Giving to our own kind BEFORE we lend a hand to an animal. I know humans can treat each other horribly, and I think that this is why certain individuals have chosen to do their good deeds for animals instead of human children. But look at it this way. If we don't take care of our children now, who the hell is gonna take care of us in the future?

rainwriter jones