Tuesday, December 27, 2011

50 Years of Bare-Bottomed Rock Jumpin'!

"tiny rain bouquet" by rainwriter jones

Throwing caution to the wind.
Take a chance…no underpants.
Leap of faith from the rockery
so carefully placed by my Father.

The smell of mint is in the summer’s heat.
The boys wait with anticipation
as they swat bumble bees
that cling to the clover.
As I fall earthward,
my skirt flies skyward;
making no effort to hold it down.

The audience scrambles as the porch door opens.
A glance over my shoulder to view my daddy
with a new green switch
selected especially for me!


Bare-bottomed rock jumping is a dangerous pursuit for a young girl. But even with that said, it set the tone by which I live my life today. Taking chances sometimes entails “baring it all,” but I wouldn’t have it any other way! Risk-taking is paramount to attaining growth. And though I caught a good switch from my Father for exposing myself to the neighbor boys, I learned that being bare-bottomed is extremely free-ing. (LMBAO)

Be "here," be active, be proactive, be spectacular! Enrich someone else's life as it will enrich yours. If you help just one person in need, you could start a chain reaction of kindness. It doesn't have to be monetary, either. Sometimes just a simple kind word to someone who needs it can make a world of difference. Be brave: Start the chain...

Be present in 2012: That would be the best gift I could ever receive.

With love,

rainwriter jones