Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Who Will Be Invited To My Responsibility Party?

"back alley wisdom" by rainwriter jones


By now many of you know the troubles I have with the bar and grill across the street. The tomfoolery which prevailed throughout the years seemed like a never-ending, butt-burning movie. Well, they gave us a Christmas present this year by closing for two entire days! Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were like living in the woods: Quiet, peaceful, and serene.

What I found interesting wasn't the fact that they were closed for business, but the activity in the parking lot. I watched as ride after ride drove up to the building, the occupant walking to the doors, and then trying the handles. Damn! It's Christmas Eve!! Ain't you got no family? And then I thought: Maybe they don't have family, and that's why they hang out at this God-foresaken hell pit in the first place.

How does one not have a family? I'm not speaking in terms of unmarried people. Just because you're single doesn't necessarily mean you haven't any family. I'm talking about those who have distanced themselves from their family for whatever reason. I had a tenant who had no real relations with his biological family members, but "created" grandchildren, daughters, sons, etc. He used to get on my nerves: Spilling cigarette ashes into my shopping bag, stinking of liquor, etc. His need to please me was pitiful! His inability to connect with his family manifested itself into being overly affectionate to anyone that would give him the time of day.

Why didn't he communicate with his family? Because there is an innate responsibility when you're in a relationship. You have to be emotionally and physically available. This is something that those who hang out in bars and create makeshift families may lack.

Responsibility. A real mouthful for those who don't want that encumbrance. Lets face it. It sometimes can be a terrible thing; being accountable for someone else's happiness. Those of us who choose to take on the challenge have the possibility of being fulfilled. Unfortunately, the ones who don't are watched by me as they desperately try to find a connection to other human beings at the bar and grill.

rainwriter jones