Wednesday, February 29, 2012


A few days ago, I indulged myself to an episode of "Jersey Shore." I thought it would be interesting to see what young folk call entertainment these days. So, as I'm watching yet another scantily-clad bimbo strut through yet another drinking hole, one of them says to an intoxicated male, "Me and my friends are DTF!" DTF? WTF is that (I ponder). I ask my daughter and she informed me that was an acronym for "down to fuck." EWWWW! Are you joking? Nope, she was dead serious. And don't you know, those chicks went back to their pad and screwed them??? What makes it even worse is that this here Black lady in the Pacific Northwest saw them acting slutty? I wonder if their parents know of their risky behavior?

And then I started to think the world is going to hell in a hand basket. I know that back in the day, we would have sex with dudes, but did make such a big announcement that we were receptive females. (LMBAO) I know there's been premaritial sex since the beginning of time, and that marriage is a manmade institution, but damn! To be so brazen is way over the top!

Is it better to be subtle in your sexual pursuits? Or just be straight forward and say, "Hey, let's fuck?" Good question. I'll let you answer it.

rainwriter jones