Monday, December 17, 2012

Not-So-Intimate Apparel (Pajama-Jammas)

A few days ago, I sat in my truck just before lunch time.  To my chagrin, I see yet another pajama'd individual strutting into a grocery store like nothing was wrong.  PAJAMAS!!!  Outside the home AND in the middle of the day, mind you!  You might think me strange, but it makes me sad to see this trend of wearing intimate apparel outside the home.  There's a reason why it's called "intimate."  No one's supposed to see you wearing these items unless they are familiars.

But to me, it goes beyond a poor clothing choice.  It denotes a laziness; a devil-may-care attitude towards the world.  I liken it to the horrible trend of people wearing drooping pants and thongs (both men and women bearing their bottoms).  I'm sure these pajama-jammas fall straight out of bed, unshowered, and head out into the community at large. Yes, indeed.  The very fabric of society is becoming threadbare. 

To me, this lack of grooming signifies a great decline in sensibilities.  Every time I see nightclothes in public, I shudder.  By far, I certainly am not a prude.  My concern is that this is a reflection of where we are headed:  People who don't give a damn about anything.  A lack of seriousness regarding life in general.  We're headed down a road to which the end is dismal.  This kiss-my-ass-ness must end!

Put on some PROPER clothes...

rainwriter jones