Monday, December 31, 2012

Availability: Make Yourself...

With 2012 coming to a quick close, I've had time to reflect upon relationships.  They can be friendly, loving, weird, crazy, but a relationship all the same.  I've "met" wonderful people in my online communications.  Some I've actually met and befriended offline.  For example, the terrific friends I've had the honor of meeting from The Flat Earth Society.  Creative, funny, adventurous.  Brings all the good out of me. 

And then there's all of you from Facebook and Twitter.  Getting to know some of you through your discussions and images have been very rewarding.  I've learned a great deal from you, and when you pop onto my page just to leave a smile or wave hello?  Makes me happy!

Family and friend interactions in real-time are to be cherished.  You never know what the future has to hold, and like I mentioned from the Spittin' Kitten, tomorrow is promised to no one.  I say this because of a few interactions (or non-interactions, so to speak) from the winter of 2011 to 2012.  We make ourselves available for people or things we find important.  There are those that choose to be "elsewhere;" checking out from interacting with a particular person or not attending a certain gathering for whatever reason they have.   

I say, "Let it go!"  No need to analyze why you don't want to be available; just move on.  Clear your mind of any real or perceived encumbrances which keep you from being there with that certain person.  Negative emotions are very destructive to not only your mental state, but your spiritual one, too.  Breath and let go.

Always remember, tomorrow is not promised to anyone.  My hope for everyone is that they are true to themselves, be where you want to be, and gently bless those you choose to leave behind. 


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