Thursday, October 29, 2009

And It All Came To Me: News At 11

I know I've been told change is good. That might have been true in the past. Back in the 60s and 70s when change meant there were new jobs to be had: new opportunity for anyone who tried to make something of themselves. When getting an education was worth more than written words on a sheepskin. And as much as I hated it as a child, church was attended, and faith was nurtured. A part of the family structure.

Now faith has been replaced by the evening news. Last night had me think about how not many things seems to hold the same significance any more. Boeing had been a long-term employer to the Seattle area for decades. No one ever thought they'd pull up stakes, but they have been slowly but surely easing their business to other states. Before that, the Supersonics (Sonics in the latter years) moved to Oklahoma after having their start here. A mainstay: 100,000s of fans watched them disappear into the clouds.

Our trees are ripped from the ground to make way for brand new homes no one can afford; while older homes sit neglected. The only thing that stopped the senseless slaughter was the recession. The news says that new housing starts are significant to the rebuilding of our economy. The builders will begin anew: stripping the land of it's vital resources.

Then it spoke of the holidays, and how only 63% of employers were having a Christmas party this year. Lord have mercy, where's the spirit?? The malls once had Christmas sales which are now called "holiday" sales for fear of alienating anyone who doesn't celebrate Christmas. Okay...that's fine. But can we as a people come up with ONE major holiday we can celebrate TOGETHER during the month of December? United We Stand Day? There seemed to be so much more unity back when I was growing up. Preserving everyone's rights have made us a very secular society. Even with eating a pretzel in public, you could be liable to be named in a lawsuit.

This thought turned over in my head: are we as a country become "insignificant?" Not in just the sense of political power, but by way of losing our traditions: our commitment. Just seems as though the fabric of our country has been washed too many times, and is now beginning to fade through.

Maybe I shouldn't watch the news?

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  2. Lord have mercy! (LMBAO) I hadn't even thought about it, but it DOES look kind of limp and wrinkled. Needs some TLC. (LMBAO)

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