Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Beyond The Sheets: "Friends With Benefits?"

Do you believe that men and women can engage in sexual activity, but still remain friends?

I know of several men with many female acquaintances who treat their bedroom doors as revolving ones. They say they admire the female form, and enjoy encounters with anyone they can persuade to lie beneath their covers. They're called friends or company. To have sex with and nothing more. These women leave in the morning, supposedly with no strings attached. One man in particular says he wants a long-term relationship: someone to come home to that he can love. If having sex is strictly biological, why would he say this? Problem being is he also says the females he beds aren't "good enough." Are there different categories of women: those to bed versus those to marry? A woman to only use for sex, but not for anything else? He says he's looking, but yet in still...here comes another woman to his bed. But even with this, there's a distinct yearning for more than just the physical.

The same can be said for women. We say we don't want anything more than sex, but is that true? With us languishing in the orgasmic afterglow, I beg to differ. We would leave immediately if that was all we wanted. To snuggle, cuddle, and wake up with this person can be more enjoyable than the sex. Thoughts can linger in the back of our heads as to whether something else can come out of the bedroom...to bring this "relationship" to another level.

Is there an underlying need to connect: to feel affection with the person we sex? Emotions ALWAYS seem to creep in, whether we're willing to admit it or not.

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