Tuesday, July 12, 2011

No Smoochin' Allowed!!! (when PDA's go wrong)

"push for flasher"

25th Block From The Water

The clank of bicycle chains break the silence on a tree-lined, two-laned boulevard. Past waving neighbors, friends ride 2-by-2 with creeping shorts, ashy legs, and worn

sneakers, on their way to the lake choked with milfoil, waders, and garbage. The day is perfect as breezes blow on sweaty skin and flattens afros. Vicious dogs and

trolling predators alike take respite from this route: if only for today. They pedal with flat soles that chocolate doesn’t cover, over potholes, and race each other to murky waters: eyes closed, no hands, no helmets.

rainwriter jones



http://tinyurl.com/6ckfegm (You have to copy and paste, but I'm sure you can manage.) *chucklin'*

This article made me applaud! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who thinks public smooching, touching, or generalized fondling in public is a no-no! Not necessary, I say! Take it to a motel, I plead! (LOL)

Many of you don't know my revulsion towards PDAs. It started when I was a little girl. I would attend Camp Fire Girl meetings at a neighbor's house, and her daughter and the daughter's live-in boyfriend would scurry upstairs for a little "in-out, in-out" while the mother was away. Another couple of incidents (well, numerous) involved a teacher's roving hands and/or inappropriate comments, and experiencing several would-be abductions on my way to school. Though these latter two instances aren't PDAs, I'm sure it helped me develop my repulsion thereof.

Okay, back to today's regularly scheduled programming of mirth and mayhem! (LMBAO)

Will Hug Ya When I See Ya...

rainwriter jones

photo "push for flasher" taken by me (rainwriter jones to you!) :-D

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