Monday, July 18, 2011

For The Love of Pete and Really, Really Poor Decisions

downtown with no place to go by rainwriter jones
As I headed out to my vehicle this morning for my workout, there was a female with a RAGGEDY Jaguar parked behind my next door neighbor's RAGGEDY Thunderbird. As I'm backing up to leave the parking lot, she comes down the ramp and starts shouting something. I don't even know what she said as she is insignificant in the entire scheme of things. I think that's why she's upset: Because of her insignificance and how I perceive her.

I try not to be judgmental, but it's so very hard with such "in your face" ignorance. To me, someone who is ignorant is a person that doesn't take responsibility for the circumstances they are in, but blame others for their predicament. This woman doesn't seem to have a job, nor a place to stay that she can call her own. Instead, she vents her frustration at her station in life on others she perceives belittles her. My NOT responding to her infuriated her. But, I shall not be intimidated, especially on my property.

She's just a small example of unresponsible people who are content in their discontent. A sad lot who early on in life gave up trying. Either from poor parenting, or by them not listening to good advice, they end up being societal parasites. They are the type of people you make sure your children see that if they don't do what they need to do (i.e., stay in school, get a degree, stay away from disreputable people, etc.), they will end up like them.

As my husband oftens says, it's not one or two bad choices which result in these type of folks sleeping for crumbs in some nitwit's bed, but a series of them. The fact that they don't and/or won't learn from their mistakes makes it it that much worse.

God love them, bless them: And keep them out of my hair! (LMBAOOOO)

rainwriter jones


  1. It depends each and everyone of them has a different story.
    Some of them seem quit nice, it's the aggressive kind that I can't stand

  2. You're right. Everyone has their own story on how they ended up in dire circumstances. Some have mental health issues, etc., which render them helpless and homeless. I had a mentally ill homeless person with food in his beard threaten to kill me on a bus ride home from work one night. I was more mad than scared (which shows how much sense I have).

    There are folks who make the wrong choices not due to mental health issues. Like the woman who CHOSE to sleep with someone for money. Or else she didn't have any other place to go? Sharing space with another disenfranchised human for a while to pass time. A pitiful duo. Neither seem to have their acts together, and are consistently poorly choosing to do (or not to do) things which will make their circumstances better.


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