Thursday, September 8, 2011

Military Personnel Trawling for Sex at the Mall?

*disclaimer When I searched for images of "young girls with soldiers," most of them were pornographic. Go figure!


Yesterday while watching the news, there was a story regarding several enlisted men who are accused of raping two teenagers. The young girls were seen at a Portland area hospital, and stated they were taken to a hotel and assaulted by several men. Two soldiers are under arrest for the alleged crime. The fact that they are in jail proves at the very least there was some sexual contact.

My questions are these:

1. How in the hell did these girls get to be in the company of MEN?!

2. Are men cruising malls for young girls to have sex with?

3. Are these girls being monitored by their parents, or left to their own devices?

4. What is the allure of picking up what appears to be underage sex partners?

5. Wouldn't it be easier for these guys to pay for sex, rather than risk incarceration?

This isn't the first time such stories have circulated in our area concerning military personnel taking advantage of little girls. There was a news story a few months ago involving young girls being snuck into the barracks, getting high, and being raped. One teenager died after overdosing on a narcotic. I wonder if the military has been aware of such exploits in the past, but preferred to cover them up?

Now the biggest questions regard who is to blame? These girls for going with these obviously horny dudes? The parents for not supervising their children? The soldiers who probably knew from jumpstreet that these "ladies" were just months from playing with Barbie dolls? Or the military for not locking up these men?

Your thoughts or opinions?

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