Monday, August 29, 2011

Blue Panty Day (drawers to suit your mood)...


The Pick of the Day

is not creating any unnecessary noise today
is creating an adult space filled with music and booze
is creating a unique piece which suits my personality
is being selective in her selection
is putting sweaters in the cleaners (fall's coming)
is being led where she wants to go
is going as far as YOU let me
is seeing "it" from my window: a testament of living wrong

but deliciously so...


I awoke this morning staring into my underwear drawer. Gazing deep into a cotton-polyester (sometimes silk) oblivion, I felt a strange peace fall upon me. Why do I feel so content? Because life is moving forward. Sometimes I'm at pace with it, and sometimes it's just slightly ahead: Encouraging me to keep up. Quite a prolific thought for a cloudy, unusually cool summer's morning.

Then I also thought: Do men wear their underwear to suit their moods, too? I'll lie mine out onto the bed (color coordinated, of course), and pick which bra and panty set will match where my head is at that particular moment. Red for sexy; funny/quirky panties for creativity; black for solemness, etc. Do guys do this? Or do they just pick out any drawer from their drawer?

Today is blue, but changed my mind to white. What does that mean? I really do think the choice of undies for the day is fairly significant, don't you?

rainwriter jones

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