Monday, September 12, 2011

Political Indigestion With No Pepto-Bismol

political rustlin' and tusslin'

As my stomach burned like a m*tha f*cka yesterday, my Mother expounded the facts regarding Obama's new $447 billion legislative package to stimulate job creation. Due to the fact that I was in such discomfort, I couldn't care less about any political rants, today (without a sore belly), I STILL don't care. Why?

It doesn't matter who is voted into any given office. It's all the same: Campaign speeches are slathered in promises just so that the politician can get voted in...and then...NOTHING! In some instances, I think there are actual desires to fulfill what was promised, but there are constituents who make it difficult, if not impossible, for these politicians to have these promises come to fruition. These individuals, lobbyists, etc., would rather see their opposition fail rather than do what's right for the country just to gain political status for themselves and/or their party.

It's all the same. A good person thinks they can change the world, just to leave office as tainted as the person who previously occupied that seat. At the end of their term, they end up looking like Nadine in Stephen King's "The Stand" after she sold her soul to the devil. Yes, it's all the same: Nothing changes.

To me, politics cause great discourse, and to a certain point, I could do without the political process. We need to have some sense of order which government provides, but it's high time that we work as a people to accomplish goals for the betterment of society as a whole, and not just serve individual's selfish needs and desires.

And since that day will never come, I sometimes find myself just checking boxes on my election ballot. It doesn't matter...

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