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Amplified Car Stereos and Sociopathic Behaviors

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Another 2 a.m. thought. Not that I want "2 a.m." thoughts, but I haven't a choice. Why, you might ask? Well, it's like this. I am awakened at least three nights a week by the bar across the street. Young men and women who seem like they haven't work or school in the morning because they're in the parking lot with BOOMING bass, loud talking, tire screeching, and an occasional brawl. The activity has been so noted by officials, but nothing in particular seems to be done regarding the disruptive behavior of the bar's patrons. So, I frequently call the authorities to come handle their business with these idiots. During the day, I take exception to the throbbing bass of car stereos, but really get pissed off when that shit is blasting after 10 p.m.; bouncing through my windows and rattling my walls (and nerves). The tribal and city police are as regular there as the regulars.

So why this blog. Yesterday with yet another episode of racket, I began to think more from a clinical standpoint than that of an irate neighbor. Their behaviors may go deeper than their obviously knuckle-headed actions. I think those who engage in such activities may be sociopaths. The following text is quoted from eHow:


A sociopath is a person who completely disregards and violates the rights of others while refusing to conform to societal norms.

1. Notice if the person exhibits a lack of conscience. Signs of sociopathic behavior are usually present in childhood, so take note if you witness a person torturing or killing animals, showing no emotions when something bad happens to someone else, or showing no guilt or remorse for any of his own actions.

2. See if there is a pattern of irresponsible or poor behavior, including doing poorly in school or on the job. Other behaviors to look for are recklessness, impulsivity and participation in illegal activities.

3. Pay attention to the person’s personal relationships. Many sociopathic people have an inability to love or have lasting personal relationships. This is because they can be very manipulative.

4. Recognize patterns of pathological lying. Sociopaths will continue to lie about things even if they are caught doing them. They can also be very charming and get others who are blind to their behaviors to side with them.

5. Notice if a person has an inflated sense of self-importance or narcissism. A sociopath behaves as if he/she is the only person who matters and he/she will have complete disregard for everyone else. Although he/she has the ability to charm people, he/she will take advantage of them at the same time.

6. See if the person exhibits a need for stimulation by engaging in risky or dangerous behaviors. These behaviors can be sexual or just thrill-seeking. Sociopaths tend to get bored easily, which is why they seldom complete tasks and seek out forms of excitement.


It suits these barflies to a "T." Either they have total disregard to others' right to peace and quiet, or they are not aware that their behavior is disturbing others. In either case, there is a major problem that we as productive citizens have to deal with. How to manage those who are content to create discontent. And to give them the same rights they are more than willing to take from us? A hard-sell to those who are awakened by their obstinance.

And then there are those who follow the ill behaviors of others just because they are doing it? Maybe only 1 out of 10 who participate in this behavior are sociopaths. What does that say about the other nine who follows these mentally ill offenders? To me, that's the scary part of this whole scenario. Those that are knowledgeable/aware that they are doing wrong but since someone else is doing it, they feel it's a free-for-all. History will show that there is one individual or a small group that usually dictates the larger groups' activities. Can anyone recall WWII and the dictators who shaped the mindset of millions? (sorry, I digress)

*back to 2011 and my neighborhood*

Look at it this way: What happens when these people disturb the sleep of our children? These sleep-deprived youth may be our future doctors, lawyers, or scientists. They may never actualize their full potential as their lack of sufficient sleep directly effects their ability to concentrate. He/she could have been someone destined for greatness, a world-changer, finding the cure for cancer, no less. We may never know what damage those lost sleep hours have caused. Who knows: Maybe as youths, some of the rabble-rousers across the street were sleep-deprived?

So, it's 5:12 p.m., and I begin to say prayers for a good night's sleep. The urge to sedate myself is a strong one that I can resist on rare occasion, but usually give in around
9 p.m. just prior to the beginning of the show. I often find myself peeking through the blinds at the spectacle across the street. I can usually tell if there will be a 2 a.m. awakening by the amount of cars in the parking lot. With summer being the worst time for these disruptions, I feel blessed by the rains which clean the streets, and that damnable bar parking lot. Of those who would loiter beneath the "no loitering" sign.

Here's to an uninterrupted sleep...

rainwriter jones

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