Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Day I Had Red Hair (and lived to tell the tale)

...and this AIN'T me!

Life does, indeed, have it's twists and turns. My turn toward righteousness and good deeds happened a few years ago when I decided to dye my hair red. Shocking red: The shade of Bozo the Clown! Feeling cavalier, I knew that I was the baddest chick this side of the continental divide (though I would find out differently a little later).

The truck needed some major body work, so it was in the repair shop. I needed a ride, and I called a taxi to pick me up. The driver was a lunatic! Said he wanted to kill someone 'cause he was upset. I kept talking to him: Get his mind off of driving me over a cliff or something. Well, I make it to the auto body repair shop unscathed, but this is where the REAL life-changing event occurred.

I was on the cell phone with my husband, snacks in hand (jelly beans, of course). As I crossed the street from the gas station, a white car careened down the road, nearly striking me. So, out of anger, I yelled at the dude. He slams on his brakes and yells something back. I pass this off as another idiot who needed to head back to driving school, and continued my stride toward the shop. Just as I entered the parking lot, a white car FLIES into the lot (the addition of dust and rocks made the scene even more terrifying). At this moment, the prideful red head disappeared, and the chicken took over. I found a crowd of bystanders to hide amongst! Yep, human shields. One of the guys re-assured me "that wasn't the man you were arguing with." (LMBAO) The car passed through two parked cars, and crashed through the hedges of an adjacent parking lot. Out pops an employee late for work at the gas station. WHEW!!!

I think I shaved 5 years off the end of my life that day, but learned a valuable lesson. A big mouth full of nasty words coupled with arrogance can get you into a world of trouble. Believe me, I've been cool ever since.

And I vow NEVER to sport red hair again!

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