Monday, August 15, 2011

How Did You Get SOOO F*cked Up! (or, the policy of living "messy")

just another bum...or not?

Had a lovely and interesting trip to Nevada. For the past 4 days, I sunned, funned, and watched bums forging through garbage cans for recycling items and whatnots. As I saw yet another indigent in the center lane of a busy boulevard either stoned out of his mind, mentally ill, or both, my thoughts began to wander. How did this man end up in my view at this particular point in time of MY life? My blog today addresses the issue of being "messy." You can either be messy by being physically cluttered (i.e., messy house), or mentally messy (i.e., finding or creating trouble, not taking care of your life business, just a f*ck up).

I have had several incidents of mental messiness in recent history. This is a "cleansing" blog to which I know several of you can relate. It doesn't matter what social standing to which you belong, what neighborhood you live, or even what country in which you reside. I'm sure EVERYONE has had someone in their lives who just don't get it. That throw hot potatoes your way, just waiting for you to get your hands burned, and maybe even laughing at your pain. Those who have taken advantage of your good nature by using sh*t that doesn't belong to them, taking sh*t that doesn't belong to them, or simply doing f*cked up sh*t behind your back. Aha, I KNOW you have a special person in mind that has done this type of "mess" to you! (LMBAO)

Back to the dude in the middle of traffic on a hot summer's night in Vegas. My thoughts? He got there by living messy, by not taking care of his life's business, by not listening to what his mind/heart told him, by lifting that bottle one time too many. The messy folk I deal with may tinker with a little drug and/or alcohol, but the main deal with their ass*s is that they refuse to take responsibility for their station in life, which leaves them stationery: Rooted to the spot. They think that just because some folks are living without grips of stress, have it "together," that they are allowed not to pay the obligations that are due, or even slough at the jobs at which they are paid. Ya, it was one of those weekends, and yes, I'm bitchin' BIG TIME!

As I organize my thoughts and free my mind of these evil thoughts of retribution, I take into consideration that being nasty ain't gonna do anything but bring me to their level. I'm gonna be okay, believe me. Knowing that all of you have suffered at the hands of others, too, makes me feel better!


Messy is a state of mind.

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