Thursday, August 4, 2011

Yes, Dear Harriet: There's Cream in that Coffee!

Life in the multi-cultural family is an interesting one. Yesterday I went to the community center with my grandson, nephew, and Mother. We had a lovely time playing in the park with the other children, taking pictures, and spending time together. At the end of our visit, we entered the center to cancel the membership of my elder daughter. I have been friendly with one of the staff members there, so I thought I'd introduce my family to her. I received a slow, dissecting look on her part at my relatives: Trying to make heads or tails at our relationship towards each other. We range from very dark to very light in our complexions, yet, we are family just the same. She was even bold enough to ask my nephew "does he (my grandson) belong to you?" At that point, I eased out of the office thinking that this woman was a total idiot. She had imparted me with information that she was involved in an interracial relationship, so I thought she was "down." Needless to say, I won't be dealing with her ass any longer! In another instance, I've had someone straight up ask me what my grandson was "mixed" with. Lord have mercy! I answered her matter-of-factly just to let her know that I wasn't fazed with the question, but amazed that she would ask it.

My family is comprised of many ethnic groups, and it's always laughable to see folks' reactions when we're all together. Black, White, and Asian. Some of us with only the one ethnicity: Others a beautiful blend. But...we're family just the same. We were never taught to differentiate between races like some people do, but to judge the character. With this said, I do believe there still is an underlying racism embedded within our society. Little nasties like this often arise when the economy is bad, folks are struggling to pay their bills/keep their jobs, and they've got to find someone to place all their troubles.

Interesting how my little interracial family can cause such a stir. I'm proud to stir up the pot!

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