Friday, September 11, 2009

This May Sound Crazy...

But do big a** truck drivers disappear? Or only petite, fair-skinned damsels? I've noticed the media covers the disappearances of those we associate with being frail in some manner. Someone perceived as helpless graces the t.v. or internet; a picture of them on our monitors in happier times. Smiling, no less. Does anyone else go missing? I can understand children but as with missing females, hardly ever a child of color is given a write-up or air time.

And hardly ever a Black man. I can't EVER remember a Black man being featured as one of the lost. You know some of them have got to have disappeared over the years. What's up with that?

There definitely are some inequities by which who is considered worthy of news coverage: that only certain individuals fit the profile of being vulnerable. Hell, aren't we all vulnerable given the right circumstance?

rainwriter jones


  1. you're a racist. don't you know that we're only interested in missing skinny white chicks?

    *storming away mumbling to self* who does she think she is?

  2. MR. CHAP: (LMBAO)!!! Well, you know I'm not lying. When was the last time you've seen a Black man featured for going missing?? You KNOW they go missing, but we NEVER hear of it. Do they go missing, or just plain "sky up?" (LMBAO)


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