Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Pied Piper of 29th Street

He swaggers across several lanes of traffic

where neon pours free-handed

And beckons those who suit his fancy

to finish the evening

sprawled on his living room floor.


Do you know someone that can entice people to do things they may not do, but with a little prodding, they'd jump off a building?

I've watched the antics from across the parking lot: the view from this angle is an interesting one. I see people coming and going at all hours of the day and night in various states of inebriation. From the disenfranchised crack whore, to the pseudo businesswoman. The term "Sis" is the catch-all phrase for these females. The semi-employed male will show up on rare occasion, too. All get drawn into his world of fun and merriment. I can only imagine what goes on behind THAT green door!

Yesterday he had a visitor that came during daylight hours, and left just before my daughter was to catch the school bus! You wonder if these folks really have a life? Or is home dude is so lonely, he'll do anything to keep company. Or is it manipulation? Him leading people to where he wants them by means of money and/or alcohol?

In any case, to watch the various/similar scenarios are funny as hell! We're at the point where we're taking bets on how long his "company" will be staying, if they'll leave with some of his cash, if they'll steal some of his cash, and when they'll be back for more. It's hard to tell who is being manipulated.

And he doesn't know Mrs. Kravitz is watching. (LMBAO)

rainwriter jones


  1. OK Mrs. Kravitz ... lucky for you Mr. Kravitz knows you're not imagining things!
    I do know people who can talk others into stuff. I guess that talent can be used for good or evil - politicians come to mind ...

  2. kats_aura: In this case, Mr. Kravitz is spying along with me! (LOL)

    Some folks can bring folks to do things they would not normally do. But lets face it, the person being led into doing these "things" aren't that bright to begin with.


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