Tuesday, September 8, 2009

United We Stand? Not So Hidden Racism in the U.S.

As you probably know by now, I'm not a politically-inclined person. Not saying that I don't keep up with what is happening here in the U.S. and around the world, but I don't follow every bill or legislative act on a daily basis. But, I've been watching a troubling trend here lately. Masked racism. Yes, these words from someone who is quick to befriend anyone no matter what their race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, etc. As long as someone treats me well and with respect, we're good to go.

What's troubling me? The fact that there is an underlying element that is attempting to not only undermine the policies set forth by our President, but his presidency as a whole. Not seeking to offer useful alternatives to them, but arguing and hell raising. But what do I see with my observant eye? It's not about the politics whatsoever. It's about the man!

I see it, don't you? The latest "protest" is the pulling of their children from school because they don't want them to hear President Obama's speech. Totally disrespectful to the Office. Now tell me the truth. Even when ex-President Bush was at the depths of his presidency, would they have pulled their children from the classroom when HE was making a speech? Absolutely not! Because President Obama is Black, he is not afforded the respect of his Office. This has not happened to any other Democratic president since before I was alive. Even in the 60s and with President Kennedy's policies. Although some did not agree, their children watched his speeches out of respect for his Presidency. The divisive attitude of these groups is despicable.

I may not agree to all the policies of ANY President, Obama included, but there needs to be a respect given to anyone who assumes the Office. And at the end of Obama's presidency when nothing gets done after all the rabble-rousing they'll stand proudly and say, "We told you it wouldn't work!" Of course it didn't, because YOU did all you could do to stop it through your disruptive practices!

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  1. whatever happened to people being convicted of treason???

  2. [fung'ke][blak][chik]: Do you consider this a treasonable act? I think that everyone has the right to protest, but this goes beyond simple respect for the post of President. I've NEVER seen this sort of disrespect for any other President; wherein he as a person is up for question. Look at the naysayers who claimed that he wasn't even an American citizen! ANYTHING to bring discredit him not because of his policies, but his ethnic background. Why are they so afraid?

  3. Cool article. I just wrote a similar letter to congress. Congress has left the president high and dry

  4. Mista Jaycee: What's up with this attitude? This behavior? Any blind man can see that it's not his policies they're against, but the man himself. No one is standing behind him, even though they KNOW that he's on the right track. Change. They don't anyone in office who's going to affect a positive change for the people at large...anyone who will affect a change in their standard of living...their status.

    They offer no alternatives to his policies; just a disruption in the Democractic process, calling him a socialist is like spitting in his face!

    Now don't get me wrong; as I don't agree with ALL his policies. But you don't see me pulling my children from school in protest. Like you, I'd rather write a respectful letter voicing my opinion AND offering up some creative solutions to make things happen.

    Like I mentioned, this has NEVER happened to a President who was not of color...wherein the focus was of the man and not his policies. Walking out on a speech? Ridiculous!


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