Wednesday, September 16, 2009

It's A Matter Of Race...

I woke up this morning to a feeling that I've had all along in regards to the health care battle here as of late. While I was pouring myself out of bed, President Carter said everything I had thought, but didn't want to admit in that racism is driving the resistence to President Obama's health care initiutives. The public outcry against government spending by certain groups is just a cover up for a much deeper, insinuous feeling that a Black President should not lead our country. There will be this "arms folded" style resistence with any plan presented before these right-wingers; refusing to discuss and/or negotiate like a democratic society should, but instigate an uncooperative spirit amongst their constituents. Can I go as far as say ilicit hate amongst the masses?

It left a pit in my stomach knowing that someone else had the same impression but they, like me, didn't want to broach the topic...fearing it would stir up what was perceived as a long-buried race issue. Seeing as though this was spoken from the mouth of an Ex-White House employee creeped me out! With him being in the know, he's quite aware politicians sheninagins, and how the Republicans have played upon the fears of a group of citizens which do not want President Obama to succeed. They will throw any obstacle in front of him and his administration to assure that he fails.

My problem with these so-called protestors is that all hell has been breaking loose since the last 8-year term with Bush as our President. Where were they then? Weren't the same problems present during the Bush administration? And why is there all this ruckus now? Why can't they trust that we are heading in the right direction? And if they feel we are not steering a clear course, why can't they negotiate, sit down at the table, instead of disrespecting the highest office in the free world? You know why: it just hasn't been spoken until now.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. It goes beyond the fact that President Obama is Black, but into the deep-rooted fear of change to the status quo. From those who were empowered by the mere color of their skin, and not by any gains they had made through perserverance and hard work. It frightens me every time I see a "rally" wherein the angry disenfranchised are wielding hateful signs, all behind the rabble-rousing of the many Joe Wilsons who spread mis-information to these simple-minded protestors.

I was a child of the 60s, and caught the tail end of the civil rights movement. I saw the riots, and hate, the destruction. But...I also saw the gains, and have directly benefited from the sacrifices my forefathers/mothers made. So I could be "here." "Here" is anywhere I want to be: without restriction because of my brown armor. With the social environment in the state that it's in, I think there's going to be more b*llsh*t before things get better.


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  1. Yep...these "teabaggers" are using these forums to perpetuate their own racist agenda. Come on, racism exists, and with Obama in office, "other races" feel there is no need to walk on eggshells anymore. This country is about to get more crazy than it already is.

  2. Mr. Chap: Can I tell you that here where I live there is a distinctive tension in the air? In recent history, I've had total strangers middle finger me, cut in front of me, generally disrespecting me. Everyone is looking for a fall guy for the trouble that we're in, and in my honest opinion since Obama is Black, we're catching hell!

    I hate to break it down this way, but I'm very intuitive about people/things. I was checking out at the store a few days ago when another customer crashed her basket into my cart, not apologizing or anything! The cashier looked at me and said, "How rude." I couldn't dispute that she didn't feel as though I deserved an apology.

    Folks up here have lost their minds! Some non-whites uttered n*gga under their breath as I was entering an ethnic store, too! Needless to say, they can buy their own sh*t!

    I don't know when/if it is going to get any better with race relations at this point. As a parent, I'm trying to show my daughters that not all non-Black folks are out to get us, but to be aware of deceptive practices, and even out-right racism, that can get them hemmed up.


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